Musician Quotes

”Søren Nørbo is one of our most prestigious pianists” Boris Rabinowitsch, Politiken

”One of contemporary danish jazz' most characteristic artists” Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske

"Norbo himself has a strong personal piano style. He constructs his improvisations from long swirling patterns unencumbered by blues or bebop clichés and played with a force and precision that lets each note ring out." The Jazz Breakfast, Peter Bacon

”Norbo is a succinct, melodically original jazz pianist who improvises in the dramatically decisive bursts of a 21st-century Bill Evans”  John Fordham, The Guardian

”With tonal finesse and interactive mobility, he shows melodic fantasy and a rather amusing sense for trio playing. His qualities as an instrumentalist, both rhythmic and harmonic are impressive and are always available for the best of the collective. It is hard to believe that France can resist a talent like this for much longer!” Thierry Quénum, Jazz Magazine

”The complete absence of "pianism" commands the listener's attention. Thus cleansed of distraction - including jazz harmonic "treats" - Nørbo's music sometimes manifests itself with almost graphic example of Nørbo's ability to classically re-interpret a theme - without resorting to trendy deconstruction.” Jørgen Siegumfeldt, Jazz Special

”you’re dealing with the kind of music that has a relatively undefined boundary between composition and improvisation and between jazz and classical musical idiom” Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske

”Søren Nørbo plays in a way that is tied to convention but at the same time challenges convention. And like Bley, Søren Nørbo is capable of accomplishing this with a controlled passion that adheres to the theme at the heart of a piece of music. His playing expresses a deep-rooted wish for originality” Boris Rabinowitsch, Politiken